I am making fit & healthy simple again so you can live a great life in a body you love!

I can provide you with Accountability through Fitness & Nutritional Coaching by helping you realize what your #1 obstacle or struggle is. We can work together to develop a personal plan that can help you reach your goal – cause you to FINALLY get the desired outcome you have been dreaming of! 

Pause for a moment & honestly think about what you can improve right now that will help you to be able to live the life you want…


[Really stop & think] 


Stop living to eat & begin eating to live. Remember that you are what you eat. Eating right will give you the energy you need – the same energy many people say they would use to work out if they had it. You CAN have it! Nutrition is a very important aspect of your health & fitness. It CANNOT be ignored. Cut out ADDED SUGAR & PROCESSED FOODS  when possible, & believe me it is possible. Being & feeling healthier will always be better than eating unhealthy (types & amounts of) food.

Remember these simple tips: drink lots of water, eat a diet high in protein, high in fiber & add exercise activities that increase your heart rate [as long as your doctor says you are healthy enough to exercise].

Start believing in yourself. You can succeed. Write down your goals or plans. Write some short-term goals & some long-term goals.

“I am going to _________________ so that I can _____________________ & this will help me to ________________.”

The big idea is that I can help you make getting healthy and fit SIMPLE. I can help hold you accountable & challenge you to work toward your goal(s). Accountability is needed on those days when life is hard. I can help you cut through the noise and confusion about fitness & nutrition & give you a clearer path, with a personalized plan to help you be able to reach your fitness goals. 

The BENEFIT of working with me is that, with my guidance, you’ll gain the confidence you need to succeed. Your self-esteem, the way you see yourself,  will also greatly increase. My ambition is to inspire you to a new or challenged lifestyle of fitness so you can be the best you that you can be. How can I do that? Simply by simplifying the process for you & helping you create a personalized fitness plan that includes activities & nutritional suggestions of the things you enjoy. I will help you learn how to avoid the things that are limiting you from seeing the results that you want – limiting factors. Once you start seeing results, you will begin to love Fitness & wonder why you didn’t begin sooner. Some results include:  fat-loss, lean muscle gained, strength, sustained energy & mental focus, and a positive self-esteem/image.  

Let me help you figure out where you are right now and let me know where you want to be [realistic goals] & together we can develop a plan that will help you get there faster than you can on your own!


Personal Trainer


I am a Personal Trainer. I have many years of Fitness, Sports & Coaching experience. I played sports in junior high & high school. I was on the weight lifting team for my high school, where I won several of the competitions for my weight class. I began coaching basketball when I was 19 years young. I have also coached soccer. I have directed Youth Sports programs for the YMCA. I have officiated basketball and football games. I have directed Adult Sports Leagues for my community as well. I have been the Physical Education Teacher for my elementary school that I attended, where I Coached an average of 1,000 students per week. I have educated many people on the benefits of health and fitness and I would love to inspire you as well! I am currently a Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness where I train current members, come join us. If you aren't a member, but want to learn more about fitness and nutrition and allow me the opportunity to provide you with some accountability, let's connect today. Connect with me on fb Messenger and refer your friends also. Remember, IF you will Commit, I can help you get Fit! Let’s Connect, Commit & get Fit!

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