“I’ve been training with Chris for a few weeks now, and lost 9 lbs in the first week by following the diet and exercise plans he created for me. He doesn’t judge you on where you’re at, only on where you can be. He’s very patient and encouraging. I would recommend Him as a trainer.”


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Rob is looking & feeling great! Stronger, healthier, more confident & down 70 pounds!

Rob 255-185“In May, I decided to make a healthier lifestyle for myself. So, I decided to sign up with Anytime Fitness ย & I met Personal Trainer Chris Grimes. He has been helpful in teaching me how to maximize my work outs. He also explained to me how important proper nutrition is. I began to follow his fitness plan & I began to see results. I used to weigh 255 & now I’m down to 185. I feel healthier, happier, & I appreciate all the knowledge Chris has passed on to me so I can live a better, healthier lifestyle. I would recommend anyone who wants a change in their lifestyle to just walk through the door and check it out.”ย  -Robert Smith

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Got muscle? Want some [more]?

I’m bench pressing over 300lbs now. My chest is bigger. My biceps & triceps are bigger. My shoulders are bigger. I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I like seeing heads turn my way when I walk by or enter a room.

I receive compliments all the time like, “Chris, you’re getting big!” Or Chris, If you get any bigger you’re gonna have to join a bodybuilding competition!” Or you look great Chris…especially your shoulders!”

I said all that because I am very proud of the results I have achieved by my commitment, dedication & hard work.

I can help you get gains as well, IF you will commit to the process. It may simply require learning the proper techniques to building muscle mass or some proper nutritional information that, when applied consistently over time, will help destroy unwanted fat.

I can develop a personal fitness plan specific for you and your goals & together we will discuss your successes or failures & modify as needed. You will not be criticized or judged by me. I will simply teach you everything you need to know. I will try to provide accountability to you and support your efforts.

I CANNOT, however, get gains for you- you must actually do the workouts & eat good/better. I believe in & live & teach “progress over perfection.” So, don’t worry you don’t have to be perfect. In fact, you don’t even have to know Squat, I can Train you!


Personal Trainer

@Anytime Fitness Arcadia


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Charlie ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

“Chris has an excellent understanding of personal training and can really work with an individual’s requirements and needs. His expertise, coaching and encouragement were instrumental in helping me obtain better results and to continue improving my overall health. His training has helped me improve my workout program by making sure I understand each exercise and the reasons for including them in my exercise program. It has been motivating to see the results from his help! I highly recommend Chris Grimes to anyone who wants to become healthier and more physically fit.”


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10 benefits of having a Personal Trainer


The benefits of working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. In fact, the benefits of personal training has proved so effective that it has spread well beyond the realm of the rich and famous. Today, personal trainers are used by people of all fitness, age and economic levels–and from all over the world–to help make lifestyle changes those people couldnโ€™t achieve by themselves. How do you know if hiring a personal trainer is the right choice for you? Consider the following things a personal trainer can do:

1.Improve Your Overall Fitness. The primary reason people hire personal trainers is to get professional assistance to improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance and coordination. A personal trainer will monitor your progress and fine-tune your program as you go, helping you work your way off plateaus.

2.ย Reach or Maintain a Healthy Weight. Body fat reduction, weight reduction or management, body shaping and toning can all be achieved with the aid of a qualified personal trainer, who can help you set realistic goals and determine safe strategies, all while providing the encouragement you need.

3.ย Commitment. Sticking with well-intentioned plans is one of the biggest challenges exercisers face. Qualified personal trainers can provide motivation for developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on health and activity. A personal trainer can help you brainstorm ways to overcome your biggest obstacles to exercise.

4.ย Personalized Coaching. To plan a safe, efficient program that will enable you to reach your health goals.

5.ย Teach proper form/Prevent injury. You will learn the correct way to use equipment, and appropriate form and technique for cardiovascular work and free-weight training.

6.ย Time Management/Workout Routine. Get maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for you. Workouts that use your strengths and improve on your weaknesses are efficient and effective.

7. Learn New Skills/Tips. An individualized program can improve your overall conditioning and develop the specific skills you need.

8.ย Enhance Your Mind, Body and Spirit. A personal trainer can challenge you with personal growth experiences. Your personal trainer may help you uncover new insights about yourself or find potential you didnโ€™t realize you had.

9.ย Accountability. What could be better than making a commitment to regularly meet with someone who will provide you with individualized attention and support?

10.ย Develop Independence. Gain enough confidence and knowledge to continue working out on your own. With the right personal trainer, you can find the exercise program that works best for you. Are you more comfortable with a demanding program or a gentler approach? Would you like to train at home or at work, at a fitness club or in a personal trainerโ€™s facility? How many times per week or month do you want to meet your personal trainer, and for how long? Carefully choosing a personal trainer enables you to select the type of guidance that will benefit you. You can get fit and healthy your way and take ultimate responsibility for your own health.


Let’s connect so I can help you reach your fitness goals: call or text @ (863) 303 LIVE.

If you Commit, I can help you get Fit


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Rob destroyed 40 lbs. of fat in 3 months

Robert Smith beforeRobert Smith

Rob joined Anytime Fitness on May 18, 2017 weighing 230 lbs.

Onย August 02,ย 2017, he weighed in at 190 lbs.


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Train your brain

Train your Brain!

In order to experience change or to be able to reach your goals, you need to clearly define what that change is and what your goals are.

Your goal needs to include a plan that leads to a permanent transformation, not a temporary fix or a temporary plan.

In order for you to be able to experience change, you must be able to teach your mind and your body that the positive changes are good. Your brain will not allow you to make changes that it thinks are bad for you. Your brain is wired to help protect you from threats. And many times change creates fear and doubt which triggers the brain to try to stop you from doing the thing that has caused you to experience fear or doubt and sometimes even pain.

But, the good news is that you can teach your mind, body and brain that these changes are good and you can win the battle with these fears and doubts and you can prevent self-sabotage.

See your brain needs to understand that the things that it needs must be met before you try to make any change.
Your brain recognizes two areas: number one is safety and number two is danger. And whether you know or not, it is your brain working to try to protect you when it is unsure about what's going on. "Are you safe?" Or "Are you in danger?" and all the brain wants to know is "Am I safe?" And once your brain receives a "YES" you can entertain your objectives and goals or dreams.

In change regarding your brain or your mind there are three levels where you hang out. Number one is survival mode. Number two is where you strive. And number three is where you thrive.

Your brain, when you can't seem to do what you want, is trying to protect you from something that it "feels" as a threat. So what is a threat? A threat to the brain is the inability to predict the future or the inability to create the appropriate responses to what's happening in our environment.

Your brain is always trying to lead you to a place of safety. Safety is the ability to create prediction about the environment in the appropriate response or responses to it.

There are several phases of threats including fight, flight, freeze and even excessive emotional triggering. And different people are in different phases and we have to identify which phase we are in.

The fight phase is typical of aggressive or passive aggressive nature. Vocabulary typically used by someone in the fight phase are things like "No!" "Won't!" "Can't!" "It'll never work!" People in the fight phase or typically people who are "standing their ground!"

The flight phase is invasive. People in the flight phase tend to avoid conflict. Vocabulary used by somebody in the flight phase is typical of "I'm not sure!" Or "I don't know!"

Freeze is adhesive. People in the freeze phase are stuck in a rut. They are too threatened to fight or flight. In this phase many people need help with assessing and addressing what the threats are.

There are many things that, if changed, could produce fear and worry and cause people to fight or flight or freeze. Some examples include health, wealth, relationships or relationship status, ego, appearance, bank accounts and other things…

So try to relax!
Teach your brain that the change you are making is safe and what is best for you.
Don't try to change [too many things] too quickly. Allow your mind to process the change(s).

Take care!

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