5 Reasons to Try Strength Training

by: Luke Andrus | Fitness| July 22, 2014

Weight lifting isn’t just for the bodybuilders and powerlifters, it’s for ALL! So if it’s not in your current exercise routine, check out these benefits of strength training that’ll make your body stronger and healthier. Let’s pump some iron!c.PNG

1. It Builds Muscle

It’s common knowledge that strength training builds muscle. But many people believe that strength training builds the kind of muscle that they are NOT looking for. One of the most common things I hear as a trainer is:

Guess what? There’s no difference between “bulky” muscle and “lean” muscle. If you have seen someone who has put on fat while building muscle, then chances are they have gained fat because of their diet rather than the training.

Focus on eating clean and train hard with heavier weights—you’ll see more muscle tone and less fat. Which brings us to our next benefit of strength training…

2. It Burns Fat

More muscle means less fat! For every pound of muscle you gain, your body can burn an extra 30-50 calories a day! This means that with just three more pounds of muscle, you can burn up to 150 calories per day without doing a thing

3. It Can Prevent Injury

Because of the concentration on core that strength training requires, you’re less prone to injury. So for those out there who say they don’t want to strength train because they’ll hurt themselves, they should be strength training so they DON’T hurt themselves.

4. It Can Increase Bone Density

It’s true. Weight-bearing exercises can work to prevent and even reverse bone deterioration in those who suffer from decreased bone density.

Building muscle can help prevent osteoporosis! For women, this is extremely important. A woman can lose up 30% of bone density after menopause and then around 1% each following year.

5. You’ll Be Proud of Yourself

Getting stronger makes you believe in yourself!

When I say “proud,” I don’t mean for you to think that you are better than anyone else. That kind of pride is dangerous. I mean the kind of pride that makes you believe that you can accomplish anything. No one ever accomplished a record-breaking physical feat without believing themselves!

We dare you! Adopt a strength training program and push yourself to the limit for two months. If you don’t feel stronger, more energetic, and better about your body, then go back to the light weights.

You must break borders to build new ones. Push yourself to the limit and discover your true strength!

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How to Maximize Your Strength Workout with Full-Body Movements

by: Shannon Fable Fitness December 5, 2016

While fitness is an important part of your overall health and wellness plan, the approach you choose is certainly not one size fits all. (Despite the numerous sources that will say otherwise.) It’s important you stop believing the latest hype and find a plan that is safe, effective, and balanced for long-term results!

A balanced workout plan will ensure you work all muscles in your body. The heart is one of those muscles & it needs a lot of attention. Getting your heart rate up means you need to find exercises or activities that use large muscle groups. You can choose walking, jogging, biking, swimming, or any cardio machine you find in the gym. But did you know some types of strength training can tick the cardio box as well? Why not kill two birds with one stone?!

How to Add Full-Body Movements

The secret to doing this is incorporating full-body movements into your workouts. If you’re using adequate weight and a good range of motion, you can target multiple muscles at once, elevate your heart rate, and cut your workout time in half. Full-body movements include exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, or squatting to a press overhead. These movements take a bit of coordination and often use your body weight or equipment like hand weights, kettlebells, and barbells.

Full-body movements are the opposite of isolated movements like biceps curls or a bench press. And typically you avoid the larger machines you’ll find at a gym (e.g. the leg extension, leg press, or pec-deck). These types of machines and more isolated movements aren’t “bad.” No need to swear them off forever! But full-body movements can give you a bigger bang for your buck, moving you toward your goals faster. Not to mention, these types of exercises are typically considered “functional” movements—and functional training is the approach that rules for everyone!

The Functional Approach That Rules

Functional training does more than strengthen and tone your muscles. It does more than help your heart. Exercises that are considered functional also train you for life. A functional training approach looks at everyday movements and chooses exercises to strengthen you in the same way. This is a bit different than looking at a list of muscles and choosing an exercise for each one. Not only does this approach strengthen your muscles, but it teaches coordination of the muscles and simultaneously trains the core to help you stay protected throughout these typical movement patterns.

Your body has four primary movement patterns:

  1. Upper Body Pushing – Your body must be able to push things away from you (horizontal pushing) and above you (vertical pushing). These two common activities require muscles of the core, shoulders, and chest to work together.
  • Exercise examples: push-ups, chest press, and overhead presses
  • 2. Upper Body Pulling Your body must be able to pull things toward you (horizontal pulling) and pull you up (vertical pulling). You may be thinking, well, I don’t do much of that day-to-day! You’re probably right, but because everyday life puts our arms in front of us and gravity pulls us in the same direction (e.g. sitting at a desk and typing, driving a car), we are left with excessive rounding of the shoulders and curving of the upper back. Training the body purposefully to resist and offset our typical posture is important for the health of our shoulders, upper back, and more.
  • Exercise examples: pull-ups, pull-downs, and rowing
  • 3. Hip Dominant Movements Your body must bend at the waist throughout the day, but we also keep our hips in a flexed position for long periods of time each day (e.g. sitting, driving). Offsetting our shortened hip flexors and keeping the hips, lower back, and leg muscles working well together will help you stay mobile and injury-free.
  • Exercise examples: bridges, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings
  • 4. Knee Dominant Movements Knee-dominant movements get you out of and into chairs, up and down the stairs, and so much more. Keeping the lower body strong and the knee joints mobile will keep you moving for years to come.
  • Exercises examples: squats, lunges, and step-upsA functional workout should include at least one exercise for each of the four movement patterns. And when possible, combine movement patterns to ensure full-body movements are included. Then, if you have time, feel free to throw in exercises that you love, targeting your favorite muscle groups individually. But make sure you cover your bases first with the four movement patterns described above though!
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Full Body Strength Training

While strength training benefits are well documented, it’s easy to become frustrated if you stop seeing significant progress week-to-week. Continuing to reap the rewards from a strength training program requires change! Don’t fear change, it can be a great thing! Improving your routine by adding some new moves to your workouts can prevent the dreaded plateau affect. This is just the plan to help you do that!

Are you new to fitness? Or Has it been a while? No problem, even if you don’t know squat, we can make sure that you have a solid foundation before you begin a new work out program.. If you haven’t lifted weights before or seen a weight machine or a dumbbell in quite some time, it’s important to ease into a regular weight-lifting program. Anytime Fitness blog says, “Beginning with a straight forward, machine-based weight lifting routine is the perfect way to stay injury-free while building confidence. Machines allow you to focus on form, add weight slowly, and acclimate to moving more than just your body weight. After a few weeks, you can step up your program to include free weight type exercises. This will keep you moving toward your goals!”

Once you’ve established the habit, you’ll want to add full-body, functional movements to your routine. Whether you’re interested in reshaping your body, dropping a few pounds, or simply feeling better, you will definitely benefit from this approach to weight lifting. Functional exercises focus on common movement patterns versus other exercises that attempt to isolate and overload one muscle at a time. By training movement patterns you use multiple muscles simultaneously and engage your core throughout. That equals a challenging workout that will work you from head to toe, inside-out!


When looking to maximize the benefits of a full-body, functional workout, you may see some of the above movement patterns combined. Combining upper and lower body movements not only prepares the body for everyday life, but it increases the number of calories you burn! So, you’ll be able to decrease the amount of time you are strength training but see similar—if not better—results than when you first begin lifting weights or working out on machines. Keep in mind, these types of exercises require a bit more coordination and care. While you might be tempted to jump right in and start with an advanced workout that you found online or exercises that you see someone else doing, I warn you to not try to do what you see other people doing because may have been working out for a long period of time, but rather to build up to doing more complex movements that will help you to build up strength and limit the risk of injury. If you are ever unsure about how to do an exercise or where to begin in your fitness journey, seek the help of a certified fitness professional. A certified trainer can help guide you and make sure you stay safe when executing these movements and help you develop a personal fitness plan that will help you to reach your goals more effectively.

[Anytime Fitness Blog]

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Love your body 😍

The only way to determine whether your nutrition plan is any good is to look at your results.

If you don’t already have the body you want, then your nutrition plan is not good enough.

Understanding nutrition does NOT have to be impossible or even frustrating for you any longer!

You can exercise all you want, but until you change your nutrition and start eating better, you won’t get great results.

We all know we need to eat better. The trouble is…how?

I’ve shown many people how to get better results by teaching them the principles that I have learned. I help my clients work smarter, more effectively and more efficiently by helping them apply the foundational principles relevant to fat-loss & muscle gain. To me, your fitness goals will be achieved through your nutritional habits or hindered by them. You are what you eat. By helping my clients understand how important it is to know their daily caloric needs, reaching their goals is more attainable & sustainable for a lifetime. Once my clients begin to prioritize eating healthy foods, they are more satiated after eating- even after eating smaller portions of food at a time. They don’t regret eating too much or feeling stuffed or bloated. Oftentimes, heartburn, indigestion and the pains associated with an upset stomach no longer happen or become less and less frequent as they learn to be their own Dr. and their own health/nutrition coach.

Many DIEt programs teach or have lead many people to believe that consuming calories or eating food is bad. Contrary to popular wrong opinion, eating food is NOT bad. Eating wrong food, wrong amounts of food and eating at the wrong time(s) are wrong. Calories are NOT bad. Calories are just the measurement of the amount of energy your food could or should provide for you. The problem is, however, that many foods have what is called empty calories, that is they lack any real nutritional value. This type of food can make a person feel full for a little while, but not satiated- or SATASFIED. The reason is because many of these empty calorie foods are not “empty,” in fact, they are typically loaded with sugar, which means that when that “energy” is burned off the person will feel tired and have more hunger craving than before.

The TRUTH is you CAN eat better tasting and better quality foods. Many of my clients also find that they can eat the same amount of food and sometimes even more food than they were eating before, the key is understanding your caloric needs and eating proper quantity and quality. If you cut out all of the sugary, nutrient-deficient, empty calories there is room for 5 or 6 purposely planned meals/snacks that will keep you satisfied all day and these foods/calories will provide you sustainable energy all day long. Once you rid your body of all of the sugary toxic, empty-caloried, processed foods, you will sleep better, which will allow you to feel better each day, which will cause you to look better, which will cause you to have a better outlook on life, which will lead you to having a high(er) self-esteem.

I am very proud of the work I do and the results that I’ve been able to help people reach. It’s an honor to help people eat smarter (quality & quantity) and to help them learn how to lead healthier lives by challenging them to simply begin to apply these principles.  You can be healthier by taking control of your nutrition.

Nutrition does NOT have to be confusing. You can learn how to be your own Dr., Trainer and Coach. Don’t feel like you are limiting yourself. Find the foods you love & enjoy eating.

Let me know if I can help you on your fitness journey.


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“I’ve been training with Chris for a few weeks now, and lost 9 lbs in the first week by following the diet and exercise plans he created for me. He doesn’t judge you on where you’re at, only on where you can be. He’s very patient and encouraging. I would recommend Him as a trainer.”


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Rob is looking & feeling great! Stronger, healthier, more confident & down 70 pounds!

Rob 255-185“In May, I decided to make a healthier lifestyle for myself. So, I decided to sign up with Anytime Fitness  & I met Personal Trainer Chris Grimes. He has been helpful in teaching me how to maximize my work outs. He also explained to me how important proper nutrition is. I began to follow his fitness plan & I began to see results. I used to weigh 255 & now I’m down to 185. I feel healthier, happier, & I appreciate all the knowledge Chris has passed on to me so I can live a better, healthier lifestyle. I would recommend anyone who wants a change in their lifestyle to just walk through the door and check it out.”  -Robert Smith

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Got muscle? Want some [more]?

I’m bench pressing over 300lbs now. My chest is bigger. My biceps & triceps are bigger. My shoulders are bigger. I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I like seeing heads turn my way when I walk by or enter a room.

I receive compliments all the time like, “Chris, you’re getting big!” Or Chris, If you get any bigger you’re gonna have to join a bodybuilding competition!” Or you look great Chris…especially your shoulders!”

I said all that because I am very proud of the results I have achieved by my commitment, dedication & hard work.

I can help you get gains as well, IF you will commit to the process. It may simply require learning the proper techniques to building muscle mass or some proper nutritional information that, when applied consistently over time, will help destroy unwanted fat.

I can develop a personal fitness plan specific for you and your goals & together we will discuss your successes or failures & modify as needed. You will not be criticized or judged by me. I will simply teach you everything you need to know. I will try to provide accountability to you and support your efforts.

I CANNOT, however, get gains for you- you must actually do the workouts & eat good/better. I believe in & live & teach “progress over perfection.” So, don’t worry you don’t have to be perfect. In fact, you don’t even have to know Squat, I can Train you!


Personal Trainer

@Anytime Fitness Arcadia


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